Thursday, 19 August 2010


NEL paperback, 1971. Cover by Jan Parker.

"Why are we forced to close down our branches in Santaroga? Why don't any single Santarogan trade with an outsider? What's this Santarogan barrier which keeps us from doing business there?
Intimations of mass tribal insanity urge Gilbert Dasein to investigate the Santaroga scene himself. And behind the solid, faceless, enduring barrier he finds to his horror that every Santarogan citizen has become an extension of every other Santarogan ..... the people have lost all personal identity ..... they are like rays spreading out from a thin hole in a black curtain. And behind the curtain lies - - - - what? 
Frank Herbert, who holds the Hugo and Nebula awards for his massively successful "Dune", here reveals a new facet of his brilliant talent."

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