Monday, 30 August 2010


Pierrot softcover, 1979.
 "This epic tale of a doughty band of space pioneers who forge a railroad across Strabismus, the frontier of space, is lifted into the stratosphere with 50 pages of the most spectacular illustrations known to man. Jim Burns's long-awaited collaboration with Harry Harrison has produced a breath-taking set of images in a wild and witty space opera where a robot track-layer emerges from a vast spacecraft to crash its way through alien cities and uninhabited wastes."
Text is copyright © 1979 by Harry Harrison, illustrations are copyright © 1979 by Jim Burns.

Scoutship Pilot.

Professor Shlek.
 "The man, a thin and seedy-looking individual with a wispy grey beard and terminal acne, checked his crates then plugged into the viewscreen."
Robot Reception Guard.
"The robot riflemen raised their atomic rifles and fired a volley into the air; all except one defective robot who blew the head off the robot standing next to him. Cursing a vile oath, the Colonel issued another command and all of the other robots turned and fired and disintegrated their erring comrade."

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Wayne Haag said...

Jim Burns at his crazy best! I can't wait to meet him at Illuxcon this year (2012).

Thanks for an awesome site!