Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Panther SF paperback, 1973. Cover painting by Chris Foss.

A churning nuclear vortex, appearing out of nowhere, wreaking utter destruction - and countless numbers of them were menacing planets throughout the galaxy! 'Storm' Cloud, nucleonic genius, set out in his spaceship Vortex Blaster to track and destroy the mysterious vortices - and embarked on a saga of discovery and conflict among the far stars and the worlds of the Lensmen... 
Masters Of The Vortex (original title: The Vortex Blaster) is the seventh and last self-contained novel in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's epic Lensman series, one of the all-time classics of adventurous, galaxy-spanning science fiction."

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Bill said...

I never could get int his writing but this set of covers is exceptional. I do think the UK covers are, in general, better than the US covers. US paperbacks had their day in the 60's in my opinion.