Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Mayflower paperback, 1968. Cover art by Bob Haberfield.

STORMBRINGER, the mighty runesword, hung far away in the city's armoury. ELRIC, haunted albino warrior-king had sworn never again to touch the enchanted blade. But he needed it now as never before. Evil supernatural beings had abducted his lovely wife Zarozinia. He would sacrifice the world itself to rescue her. But would STORMBRINGER, which seemed to have a life of its own, allow it? 
He was fated to ride out again over spectral landscapes, with the sentient blade he loved and hated...which had slain enemies - and claimed comrades.


Sphere SF paperback, 1979. Cover artist unknown.

"It was at the moment of creation that the nebulae first found awareness. And they were to burn with life for countless millennia, changing, struggling, shifting on an axis that had only the Mystery at its centre. 
The Launching of the Cosmos, the First Cosmical War, the appearance of Bright Heart the saint and of Fire Bolt the revolutionary - all led to that Mystery - the terrifying, eternally fascinating enigma of the Nebula Maker... 
NEBULA MAKER is a recently discovered novel by Olaf Stapledon, an epic of the universe's evolution that is both separate from and complimentary to his acclaimed masterpiece STAR MAKER."