Monday, 16 August 2010


Dragon's Dream hardback, 1979. All images © Christopher Foss.

Cover painting for A. E. Van Vogt's Away And Beyond.

Cover painting for the short story collection The Machine In Shaft 10 by
M. John Harrison.

Cover painting for the novel A Case Of Conscience by James Blish.

Painting for the novel A Quincux Of Time by James Blish.

Easter Island.

Painting for James Blish's short story collection Anywhen.


Bill said...

Super stuff! I want to live there!

Woodsy said...

Haven't seen these for YEARS!!

You are a top humanoid for posting these!

Many thanks.

Many thanks also to Mr Foss.

Although, I didn't know THIS!!!!

Christopher "Chris" F. Foss (born 16 March 1946 in Devon, England)[citation needed] is a British artist and science fiction illustrator. He is best known for his science fiction book covers and the black and white illustrations for the original editions of The Joy of Sex.