Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Berkley Medallion paperback, October 1977 - sixth printing. Cover
painting by Vincent Di Fate.

Every seven years, the placid planet of Dante's Joy becomes a waking nightmare of death, deformity and madness. To escape, the populace has the choice of Sleeping - lying drugged in their tomblike houses - or taking the Chance - staying awake and going abroad while their world goes berserk. They become what their innermost longings dictate, whether it be a beast locked in the vilest bowels of depravity, or a supreme being raised to the flowering serenity of truth and light. Thousands are mutilated, killed, transformed into monstrous things. John Carmody, a conscienceless exile from Earth, arrogantly chooses to take the Chance. 
Reeling, shrieking his fear and despair, Carmody confronts the Night of Light, the unknown and unknowable..."


Manor books paperback, 1977. Cover artist uncredited.

"A man and woman locked in a space capsule test the limits of their passion in weightlessness. On earth scientists, generals and politicians test the limits of their ambition to conquer a country, a planet, a universe. 
It was the unthinkable, unreportable project, that would create an aberration in space, a holocaust on earth."

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Granada / Panther SF paperback, 1982. Cover illustration by
Melvyn Grant.

"On the ancient world of TAROT dreams come true - and fanged nightmares stalk the land. Sent to pierce the dread curtain of the Animation that turns fantasy into hideous reality, the wanderer-monk Paul finds himself on a trip to the ultimate, most terrifying fantasy of all. Hell."


Granada / Panther SF paperback, 1982. Cover illustration by
Melvyn Grant.

"On the planet TAROT nothing is real. Or everything. For the shimmering Animation curtain is moving across the worldscape like a storm of monsters, changing fantasy into hideous reality, trapping the wanderer-monk Paul in a nightmare of dragons, demons and spectacular lusts!"


Granada / Panther SF paperback, 1982. Cover illustration by
Melvyn Grant.

"Moments from now and light years away, on the ancient planet of Tarot, the new religions still flourish. But all who dwell in that occult world still worship the timeless Tree of Life as the one supreme god. 
Now this primitive culture is being haunted by apparitions from the mystery-ridden deck of Tarot - by Animations who destroy minds and take human life. can this horror be their god's ultimate challenge to his people? 
A young Earthling adventurer is sent to find the answer. Alone he dares to conjure a Tarot Animation, penetrate its awesome domain - and risk being trapped forever within the mystic borders of the ancient cards."

Friday, 6 April 2012


Penguin SF paperback, 1982. Cover illustration by Chris Moore.

"YEAR 2096 
The human race is in decline. Soon its numbers on earth will drop below survival level. 
Then New Carthage, a world inhabited by strange, cheetah-like creatures, is discovered. Could contact with these aliens provide a lifeline for mankind? 
Using the twins On Lo and Ti, experiments are started to create a human empathic telemetry system between the two worlds. But the encouragement of the closeness factor between the twins provides the catalyst for a far more fantastic event..."


Orbit paperback, 1981. Cover painting by Tim White.

"Somewhere in New York State is a road, which few know how to find, which goes not to any particular destination but backwards and forwards in time. The traveller on the road can turn off to all times and places, even alternate histories which never happened. 
Red Dorakeen has been travelling the Road as far back as he or anyone can remember. A long time ago he walked it as an old man - now, much younger, he is driving his old Dodge pick-up truck, running guns to the Greeks fighting Persian invaders at ancient Marathon. 
But someone has put out a contract on Red. His hidden enemy has searched the past and future for a band of assassins to pursue Red wherever the Road may take him."

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Sphere paperback, 1987. Cover illustration by Tony Roberts.

"The year: 2990 AD. The centuries-old conflict between the hi-tech underground world of the Trackers and the primitive, surface-dwelling Mutes continues with unabated ferocity. Steve Brickman, a Tracker wingman whose heart and mind is torn between the two cultures, embarks upon his most dangerous mission yet: the rescue of Cadillac and Clearwater, two gifted Plainfolk Mutes held captive by the mysterious Iron Masters. It is a nightmare journey into the unknown but, once again, a shadowy presence guides Steve's footsteps and endows him with superhuman speed and strength in moments of mortal danger..."


Sphere paperback, 1987. Cover artwork by Tony Roberts
(thanks: David).

"After countless years of fighting - of pitting sophisticated technology against the primitive surface-dwelling people who seemed to possess supernatural powers - the Federation was still no nearer to ending the battle with the Mutes. But then a lone flier was hauled into one of its underground bunkers - a man whose very existence was a challenge to the all-pervading wisdom of the First Family. A man whose destiny would determine the future for both the Federation and the Mutes..."


Sphere paperback, 1983. Cover painting by Jim Burns.

"Ten centuries ago the Old Time ended when Earth's cities melted in the war of a Thousand Suns. Now the lethal high technology of the Amtrak Federation's underground stronghold is unleashed on Earth's other survivors - the surface-dwelling Mutes. But the primitive Mutes possess ancient powers greater than any machine..."

Monday, 2 April 2012


Panther SF paperback, 1975. Cover artist uncredited. Possibly
Bob Haberfield.

"200,000,000 YEARS A.D. 
The old continents of Earth have long since disappeared. The population is now ruled by temple princes and princesses, who in turn are dominated by more-than-human beings with the powers of gods. Vast armies stand ready to deal with any rebellion. 
Into this explosive situation comes Ptath, the greatest god of the all, believed lost for aeons. The goddess Ineznia, his deadly rival, has had him reincarnated in merely mortal form. So will Ptath, with only the limited strengths of a mere man, win his furious contest with Ineznia? Or is he secretly still the the most powerful force in all the worlds of time?"


Orbit paperback, 1988. Cover artist uncredited.

"FUTURES PAST - a superb new collection of science fiction stories from the bestselling author of the famous Sector General series. 
Custom Fitting - For George L. Hewlitt, a law-abiding and traditional tailor, things will never be the same again. Approached be the Foreign Office, he's given a most unusual task; to clothe Scrennagle of Dutha, a centaur-like alien, for presentation at Court. But will Hewlitt's skill stand up to the challenge? 
Commuter - Mr Smith is arrested for loitering with intent to rob an old lady. But when Inspector Michaelson discovers that Smith avoids red tape, sells stamps - but apparently never buys any, copies sheet music over and over again, and collects old street maps, his investigations take a different turn. Who is Smith, what is he doing and where does he come from? 
Curtain Call - Mitchell is alone on the moon - well almost alone. A deeply-respected news reporter, Mitchell is about to witness the Earth's most spectacular fireworks display ever - Operation Last Blast, Earth's attempt to rid itself of all weapons simultaneously. But it could go disastrously, irrevocably wrong... 
Plus eight more compelling stories from master storyteller, James White."


Custom Fitting
Assisted Passage
Curtain Call
Boarding Party
Fast Trip
Question of Cruelty
False Alarm
Dynasty of One