Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Cover by Wayne Barlowe.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Tandem SF paperback, 1968. Cover artist uncredited.

"Things were quiet that night in the space port. Then the 'Theban' arrived without warning, bringing with it a surly crew, led by a blustering captain, Larson... 
The 'Theban' was old, propelled by a totally obsolescent interplanetary drive. The only way Larson could get it off the ground was to kidnap the young engineer, Horn, who he hoped could at least manage to keep the ship in flight until it reached its final rendezvous. 
Their destination was the spaceship 'Danae' - a ship loaded with millions in space credit notes. If horn wanted to save the 'Danae' from the onslaughts of the Space Invaders, he had his work cut out for him..."


Lancer paperback, 1969. Artwork by Bill Skurski

"Aliens aren't Human!
No matter what the shape of an alien body or how great the intelligence of an alien brain, a creature born under another star and reared on another planet is not a man. He (or it) will not think, feel or react as a human would in the same circumstances - which doesn't mean that aliens cannot be thinking, feeling, or reacting creatures. When one Nipe is shipwrecked on earth, the entire race of man finds itself in a ten-year battle against a different mind - a battle to gain ten million years of alien knowledge - a battle to win the stars!"


Pan paperback, 1968. Cover artist uncredited.

"In an age when rocket ships are museum pieces and interplanetary travel is carried out by means of the Ramsbotham jump. Rod Walker is one of a group of male and female students sent individually on a strenuous survival test to a distant planet. Retrieval arrangements go wrong and the young people are left to face the alarming challenge of an unknown world..."


Pan paperback, 1967. Cover artist uncredited.

"Through the amazing talents of Willis, an engaging Martian Roundhead, two boys at school in Syrtis Minor discover a plot by the resident agent general to make the colonists his slaves. The boys escape to warn their families in the south colony and survive many dangers before finding sanctuary with the true Martians, who return the boys home to face arrest and disbelief...In a savage battle for survival everything depends on Willis..."