Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Cover painting by Wayne D. Barlowe.


kiekelly said...

I really like Wayne Barlowe's work from this era... superb stuff Jeff, thanks!

Bill said...

I always thought IASFM got a little soft in the 80's (the covers I mean) but I like this one. Can you get this in the UK?
I remember buying isue # 1 with my pocket money. I walked down to the store to get my issue of Fantastic (my first Conan story!) and I saw Asimov's mug on the cover. I bought it anyway. I think it was red. The second was was blue I think and also had his face on the cover. Ugh.

Unknown said...

@ kiekelly:

You're welcome mate! Anything with Barlowe's name on it means I'm going to buy it.

Unknown said...

@ upkerry14

Yeah it was possible to get Asimov's SF from some specialist magazine shops like Borders (is it still going? I know Analog is...) but I didn't fancy any of them until I saw this one which I had to get because of the cover artist who is an old favourite of mine.

Haha, I guess the first couple of issues were before they had a budget to commission an artist!