Friday, 30 March 2012


Orbit paperback, 1988 reprint. Cover artist uncredited.

"LIMITS. Two aliens fascinated by Man's fondness for defining boundaries decide to make sure he doesn't get out of the habit. 
THE LION IN HIS ATTIC. Seventy-six years after Atlantis drowned, a sorceress and a prince learn to their dismay that not all lions eat red meat. 
TABLE MANNERS. When the proprietor of the Draco Tavern is invited to dine with some carnivorous etees, he brings along a xenobiologist to coach him in alien etiquette. But he forgets that he is already outfitted with the oldest guide of all. 
A TEARDROP FALLS. In his youth, Hilary Gage had fought men and studied the ravages of Berserkers. As a machine, he terraformed planets and lay in wait. 
YET ANOTHER MODEST PROPOSAL. At last, a solution to the problem of radioactive wastes that costs nothing and yields an immodest profit."


The Lion In His Attic
Spirals (written with Jerry Pournelle)
A Teardrop Falls
Talisman (written with Dian Girard)
Flare Time
The Locust (written with Steve Barnes)
Yet Another Modest Proposal: The Roentgen Standard

More Tales From The Draco Tavern...

Table Manners
The Gren Marauder
War Movie
The Real Thing
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