Wednesday, 21 March 2012


NEL paperback, 1990. Cover artist uncredited, possibly
Danny Flynn (thanks: Ed).

"Lee Caretta's problem wasn't so much the nightmares and the blackouts - he was used to them - but keeping them secret from his bosses. If they ever found out, they'd send him back to Earth. Which was the last place in the universe someone with his skills would like to be. 
It is an unfortunate fact that good job-opportunities for a xenobiologist are limited.  
But then the starship Ariadne, in transit for 350 years, found an Earthlike world which looked like it might be the answer to everyone's dreams. Until the explorers sent out to investigate it began to die. 
Something for Lee to work on - personal problems permitting - knowing that if he failed to come up with the reason why, all Hell would break loose on a galactic scale."
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