Monday, 2 April 2012


Orbit paperback, 1988. Cover artist uncredited.

"FUTURES PAST - a superb new collection of science fiction stories from the bestselling author of the famous Sector General series. 
Custom Fitting - For George L. Hewlitt, a law-abiding and traditional tailor, things will never be the same again. Approached be the Foreign Office, he's given a most unusual task; to clothe Scrennagle of Dutha, a centaur-like alien, for presentation at Court. But will Hewlitt's skill stand up to the challenge? 
Commuter - Mr Smith is arrested for loitering with intent to rob an old lady. But when Inspector Michaelson discovers that Smith avoids red tape, sells stamps - but apparently never buys any, copies sheet music over and over again, and collects old street maps, his investigations take a different turn. Who is Smith, what is he doing and where does he come from? 
Curtain Call - Mitchell is alone on the moon - well almost alone. A deeply-respected news reporter, Mitchell is about to witness the Earth's most spectacular fireworks display ever - Operation Last Blast, Earth's attempt to rid itself of all weapons simultaneously. But it could go disastrously, irrevocably wrong... 
Plus eight more compelling stories from master storyteller, James White."


Custom Fitting
Assisted Passage
Curtain Call
Boarding Party
Fast Trip
Question of Cruelty
False Alarm
Dynasty of One
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