Friday, 16 March 2012


Intercontinental Book Productions, hardback, 1980. Cover painting by
Tony Roberts.

"Despite the vast breadth of the Galactic Federation, and the many worlds and races it encompasses, it is nevertheless a minute speck on the rum of the great wheel of our Galaxy. Other worlds and other races lie scattered among the innumerable stars beyond its frontiers, and many of these will have evolved at least as far as the worlds comprising the Federation. 
There will be the those beyond its boundaries within reach, who regard the existence of the Federation with alien eyes: sometimes with resentment, sometimes with fear. As long as this is the case there exists the threat of interstellar war. 
Worlds at War records the battles that have already taken place in the dark and airless wastes of space, describes the reasons behind them, the events which followed and the final outcome of each confrontation between the Federation and its enemies. Only three major wars have taken place during the last 150 years but each of them threatened the security of the hundreds of inhabited planets that make up the Galactic Federation, and each of them demanded considerable sacrifices from the brave creatures who offer their lives in defence of their fellows."

Painting by Chris Moore.

"The huge transmitting centers of the Federation's signalling stations played a key role in the desperate attempt to halt the advance of the nightmarish intruder, and proved more effective than the sophisticated weaponry of the entire Federation Defence Force."

Painting by Jim Burns.

"A grim sight met the eyes of the rescue teams rushing to the main camp on the planet of Bell's Lode in answer to the desperate cries for help of its occupants."

Painting by Bob Layzell.

"Operating from semi-permanent bases established near Bell's Lode, squadrons of military warships stood by to intercept any further raids by the Marauders."

Painting by Tony Roberts.

"Beneath the dense cloud cover of a Marauder planet a huge invasion fleet was massing."

Painting by Bob Layzell.

"Aware that they had advanced too far, and with supplies running low, the Phalan attack began to slow. The arrival of the Federation fleet from the battle with the support force turned the tide against the enemy. Here a Phalan command ship makes a dash for the safety of deep space."
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