Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Sphere SF paperback, 1985 reprint. Cover painting by
Bruce Pennington.

Whoever it was that the Dzan had discovered in a space capsule floating perilously close to their battle fleet, it was certainly no ordinary mortal. 
It wasn't just that this Gosseyn - as he called himself - had apparently come from another galaxy. Nor that he'd been awoken from an ages-long state of suspended animation by their sudden intervention. 
What troubled the Dzan most was that Gosseyn was - by his own admission - the reincarnation of another human being, one who not only seemed to share the same brain as Gosseyn, but was clearly still very much alive. Once they'd accepted the existence of Gosseyn and his alter ego, they realised that here somehow might be the weapon they needed in their struggle with the alien Troogs - or the cause of their own imminent destruction..."
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