Tuesday, 6 March 2012


VGSF / Victor Gollancz Science Fiction paperback, 1990.
Cover illustration by Terry Pastor.

"A collaborative novel by seven of the greatest stars writing science fiction today, set in Fred Saberhagen's Berserker universe. 
Created in an ancient war, implacable machines programmed to destroy all organic life, the Berserkers seemed invincible. But at last humans have come upon a Berserker base and they must strive to root out the mechanical killers at their very source."


Prisoner's Base by Fred Saberhagen
What Makes Us Human by Stephen Donaldson
Friends Together by Fred Saberhagen
With Friends Like These by Connie Willis
The Founts Of Sorrow by Fred Saberhagen
Itself Surprised by Roger Zelazny
The Great Secret by Fred Saberhagen
Deathwomb Poul Anderson
Dangerous Dreams by Fred Saberhagen
Pilots Of The Twilight by Ed Bryant
Crossing The Bar by Fred Saberhagen
A Teardrop Falls by Larry Niven
Berserker Base Fred Saberhagen

Not really a short story collection...but kind of. Saberhagen weaves the story through those of the guest authors. Many of the stories previously featured in sf magazines throughout the mid 1980s; such as Niven's A Teardrop Falls (Omni), Poul Anderson's Deathwomb (Analog), etc.
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