Monday, 12 March 2012


Coronet paperback, 1981. Cover design credited to David Cox
Studios. Painting is by Fred Gambino.

"Required: one Doomsday weapon capable of ironing out the whole human race. It was a tall order, but then I thought I had a rather tall solution. Oddly enough, several of my junior scientists were quite enthusiastic about the project. They came up with such wild schemes as indestructible viruses, radio-activity and saturation devices, even anti-gravity fields large enough to drain the planet of its atmosphere and so choke us all to death. I dismissed the more original and enthusiastic members of my team. Such people seemed to me to be rather dangerous. 
Besides, by this time I had an idea of my own. It was elegantly simple..."


Jupiter Laughs
Falcon Chase
The Life and Death of Plunky Goo
The Menhir
The Doomsday Story
Tomorrow's Gift
The Jar of Latakia
The Unicorn
Ninteen Ninety-four
M 81: Ursa Major
The Brain Child
Welcome Home
Judgment Day
The Butterflies
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