Sunday, 4 March 2012


Orbit paperback, 1986. Cover artist uncredited.

"'The story I will perhaps the most famous in the whole Song of Earth, and it tells of three simple human beings involved in a quest who unwittingly became involved in events concerning the almighty Starquin himself...a story of heroism and love, and it ends in triumph - and it will remind the humans among you of the greatness that was once yours.' 
Thus Allan-Blue-Cloud, immortal extension of Earth's great computer, the Rainbow, describing how the Triad - Manuel, Zogula and the Girl - go forth to do battle with the dreaded Bale Wolves, to remove the Hate Bombs from the portals of the galaxy and free Starquin the Omnipotent (the Five-in-One) from the prison that has held him for half a million years."
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