Thursday, 15 March 2012


Magnum paperback, 1981. Cover illustration: Chris Moore.

"Here's a chance to read not just one but fifteen stories created by one of the most popular SF writers of today. This anthology is full of both new and classic ideas, brimming over with wit and the author's natural sense of fun. 
If you want to learn about THE GOLDEN MAN - totally irresistable to women, of the secret life of wub fur, of chameleon-like aliens called fnools, and a great deal more, read on... This collection includes an introduction, story notes and afterword by Philip K. Dick."


The Golden Man
Return Match
The King of the Elves
The Mold of Yancy
Not By Its Cover
The Little Black Box
The Unreconstructed M
The War with the Fnools
The Last of the Masters
A Game of Unchance
Sales Pitch
Precious Artifact
Small Town
The Pre-Persons
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