Tuesday, 30 May 2017


"Her face was ageless - neither young nor old; free from time, free from the etching acid of the years. She might have been born yesterday - or a million years ago. Her eyes, set wide apart, were round and luminous; they were living jewels filled with purple fires. Her forehead was wide and low; her nose delicate and long the nostrils a little dilated. Her chin was small and pointed. Her mouth was small and hear-shaped; her lips were vivid scarlet. Down her narrow, childish shoulders flowed hair that gleamed like spun silver. It arrow-headed into a point on her forehead. It gave her face that same heart shape in which her lips were formed - a heart of which the chin was the basal point.She had little high breasts, uptilted. Her face, neck, shoulders and breasts were the hue of pearls suffused faintly with rose. Her coils began just below her tilted breasts."

Futura paperback, 1974. Cover by Patrick Woodroffe.

Patrick Woodroffe's full artwork.

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