Tuesday, 14 February 2012


1973 DAW Books paperback. Artwork by Jack Gaughan.

"Philip José Farmer won the Hugo for the best SF novel of last year. His study of the background of Tarzan made feature headlines in the news. Now in his latest novel he turns his literary wizardry to the astounding science fiction story Jules Verne did not tell in Around The World In Eighty Days. 
Who was Phileas Fogg really - this man whose origins were shrouded in mystery and whose actions were guided as if by clockwork? How could he compute the probabilities of future events so accurately? 
The Other Log Of Phileas Fogg is a thoroughly enthralling novel of what went on behind the scenes during Fogg's unprecedented trip - in which not only do two alien races contend for Earth's mastery, but you will meet some even more famous characters you never suspected were involved in the globe-girdling race!"
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