Sunday, 5 February 2012


1973 NEL Paperback. Artwork by Bruce Pennington.

"A time when robots and romen carry out the tasks. A time when man gets along with man. In the skies float the R.S.P.C.R. men - Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Robots - and there seems to be little that can disturb the calm of 22nd Century man. That is, until a strange manuscript finds its way onto Birdlip's the publisher's desk. 
Javlin is preparing for his bout in the arena. He is in a strange world of insect captors, watching the Games for their amusement. And he does not know that his partner against the dreaded yillibeeths is to be - a woman. 
These are just two of the creations from the intergalactic pen of Brian Aldiss. They are always fresh, always amusing and always the best."

Contains Comic Inferno, The Under-Privileged, Cardiac Arrest, In The Arena, All The World's Tears, Amen And Out, The Soft Predicament, As For Our Fatal Continuity and Send Her Victorious.
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