Sunday, 26 February 2012


Mayflower paperback, 1972. Cover artist uncredited.

"The race of man is growing old, but it's not yet ready to die - not while there are dragons still to kill!
The cross-bred dragon armies of the Men of Aerlith are the most appalling horrors ever to threaten the sanity of our future. 
three hundred reptilian giants with six legs apiece, the most fecund breeders of them all 
eighteen of them, growling amongst themselves, waiting for an opportunity to snap off a leg from any unwary groom
Murderers (striding and long-horned) 
eighty-five of each, with scaly tails and eyes like crystals 
fifty-two powerful monsters, their tails tipped with spiked steel balls 
Blue Horrors, Basics, Spider Dragons
the heaviest, most specialised creatures in the history of Science Fantasy"
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