Monday, 27 February 2012


Mandarin paperback, 1989. Cover artist uncredited.

"Scattered throughout the solar system are a group of immortals, dubbed the Molemen. Their latest recruit is Dr Sequoya Guess, an eminent scientist and a valuable addition. 
But Guess has been taken over by the all-seeing, all-hearing supercomputer, the Extro, which controls all mechanical functions on Earth. And when a member of the group turns traitor, the Molemen start to do the impossible: they start to die. 
It is up to Guig, Hillel and their colleagues to destroy the Extro and the renegade or to be destroyed themselves."
I'm sorting out my doubles and copies lately, which is why there's going to be a few "doublers" (with alternate cover artwork, of course) being posted. Of all of them though, Extro and Aldiss' Interpreter seem to haunt me.
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