Monday, 27 February 2012


Panther SF paperback, 1974. Cover painting by Bob Haberfield.

"Let Adolf Hitler transport you to a far-future Earth, where only Feric Jaggar and his mighty weapon, the Steel Commander, stand between the remnants of true humanity and annihilation at the hands of the totally evil Dominators and the mindless mutant hordes they completely control. 
Lord of the Swastika is recognized as the most vivid and popular of Hitler's science-fiction novels by fans the world over, who honoured it with a Hugo as Best Science-Fiction Novel of 1954. Long out of print, it is now once more available in this new edition, with an Afterword by Homer Whipple of New York University. See for yourself why so many people have turned to this science-fantasy novel as a beacon of hope in these grim and terrifying times."
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