Sunday, 15 August 2010


Arrow SF paperback, 1972. Cover artwork by Chris Yates.

"Pantropy - total biological engineering - Adapted Man, adapted ante-natally to life on other planets: for instance Sweeney, Ganymede dweller. Selective mitotic poisoning, pinpoint X-irradiation, tectogenetic micro-surgery, competitive metabolic inhibition, together with perhaps fifty other processes produce a man no longer Man. 
And on Hydrot: colonists engineered as minute under-water organisms that yet retain something of the personalities of their earth originals. The potential of Homo Sapiens translated into other terms. Man survives by becoming non-man, a dim, racial memory of true man transmuted into a God myth. 
The galaxies seeded with adapted man-organisms."

Contains four stories designed to form an integrated whole: Seeding Program, The Thing In The Attic, Surface Tension and Watershed.
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