Friday, 27 August 2010


Virgin Books hardback, 1997. Cover painting by Paul Lehr.

Painting by Fred Freeman, from LIFE magazine, July 11th, 1960 illustrating the article
Man Remade To Live In Space.

Painting by John Schoenherr, for John Berryman's The Trouble With Telstar, from Analog magazine,
June 1963.

Trantorian Dream by Michael Whelan. 

Painting for Laurence Manning's The Man Who Awoke by Dean Ellis.

Painting by Paul Lehr for Berkley's The Astounding Science Fiction Reader.

Illustration by Bob Pepper for the New American Library edition of Starburst,
by Alfred Bester.

Painting for Keith Laumer's The Other Side Of Time by Jerome Podwil.
Painting by Richard M. Powers for H. G. Wells' The War Of The Worlds.

Painting by Darrell Sweet for Robert A. Heinlein's juvenile novel
Red Planet.

Painting by Ed Valigursky for C. H. Thames' The Iron Virgin, from Amazing Stories, Vol. 30, #3
March 1956.

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