Saturday, 14 August 2010


Fontana SF paperback, 1977. Cover illustration by Colin Hay.

"The Enchanted Pilgrimage is a journey back through the centuries - to the present, in an alternate world where the fierce stranglehold of the medieval church has never lost its grip. 
It is a world of fear and repression, where the powers of the inquisition are unquestioned. It is a world from which a young man seeks escape...and finds it in the musty legend of the Wasteland, the mythic haunt of the Old Ones. But such escape is not tolerated, and the consequences are swift and violent. 
Yet out in the drifting mists and fog of the marshes there are those who are willing to help the traveller with his quest, willing to give him the mighty weapon which will save him from the terror of the inquisition, witches and hellhounds which he will face in the lands beyond."
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