Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Pierrot softcover 1978. Cover painting Sentry Biot by Jim Burns.
 "In MECHANISMO the future has come. In MECHANISMO intergalactic space travel has arrived, biotic robots are a thing of the present, space ports to service the stars and planets are real, space cities are inhabited, fantastic machines, time machines, battle robots and massive computers exist here and now. 
In MECHANISMO you can see a gaussi fighter in full colour and then as an engineer's technical drawing with the armaments, drive power and all specifications given in great detail. Here you will discover the most startling machines illustrated specially for the book: troop carriers, personnel craft, giant time machines, a computer that would fill an entire city and cities built in the image of man, visited by alien races. You will see too the technical drawings for an actual planned NASA space colony, twenty five miles long and two miles in diameter. 
In MECHANISMO you become part of the future and can live through the illustrations in worlds that may one day exist."
Painting by Bob Layzell.

Painting by Bob Layzell.

Painting by Colin Hay.

Painting by Alan Daniels.

Painting by Tony Roberts.


Jonathan said...

Have to thank you for putting this up. I recall this book from High School - could always picture the cover, never remember the title. You've just made some momey for Amazon; and I'm very happy.


Jeff said...

Glad to have helped! :-)

Jerry said...

I never leave any comment but FYI, your blog is one of my favorite.

Joel Ferris said...

I still have the copy my dad got me in 1979. He cut out the GIGER pages because of the boobs. I never bought a new copy. Ihave NEVER seen another copy than mine.

Joel Ferris said...

I still have the same copy of MECHANISMO my dad bought me in 1979. I still open it up and read the disjointed/typographically imperfect text. Mine is the only copy I’ve ever seen.