Saturday, 14 August 2010


Orbit paperback, 1980. Cover painting by Tim White.

"Planetfall. Beyond the helmet's visor beckons an unknown, unexplored planet, awaiting the footprint of man. Walk across the sunward side of Mercury; meet with the Lizard People who murder their excess womenfolk; shelter with the telepathic Quogs during their unearthly monsoon; view the granite goddess, an icon as vast as a continent. 
Frederik Pohl, A.E. van Vog, Robert Silverberg and Norman Spinrad join forces with some of the neglected great classics from vintage pulp magazines of three decades in this anthology of worlds compiled by Brian Alidss."


Mouth Of Hell by David I. Masson
Brightside Crossing by Alan E. Nourse
The Sack by William Morrison
The Monster by A. E. Van Vogt
The Monsters by Robert Sheckley
Grenville's Planet by Michael Shaara
Beachhead by Clifford D. Simak
The Ark Of James Carlyle by Cherry Wilder
On The River and Goddess In Granite by Robert F. Young
The Seekers by E. C. Tubb
When The People Fell by Cordwainer Smith
The Titan by P. Schuyler Miller
Four In One by Damon Knight
The Age Of Invention by Norman Spinrad
The Snowmen by Frederik Pohl
Schwartz Between The Galaxies by Robert Silverberg

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