Friday, 24 September 2010


Hutchinson Books hardback, 1979. Jacket illustration by
David Hardy.

"In the science fiction stories Richard Davis has collected here, the range of ideas and moods means that there is a treat for everyone. The authors represented are masters like Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke and Richard Matheson, and some of the brightest of the younger talents, such as Glenn Chandler, Tim Stout and David Campton. 
There are stories about space travel and some of the natural (and unnatural) hazards faced by spacemen - also a couple of adventures for those who travel to the Earth! Adrian Cole sees us through such visitors' eyes in his memorable piece. Ray Bradbury's story is a striking comment on the implications of time travel: Martinsen's hero Dani Smiff solves another case for his father, and young Bobo's creation gets a little out of hand in Bobo's Star. 
So - dip in. You'll be amazed, amused, terrified and puzzled, and always entertained."


A Sound Of Thunder by Ray Bradbury
Bobo's Star by Glenn Chandler
The Specimen by Tim Stout
Mind Bend by Martin Martinsen
The Giftie by David Compton
Summertime On Icarus by Arthur C. Clarke
Johnson by Guy Weiner
Out Of An Ocean, Long Ago by Tony Richards
Little Girl Lost by Richard Matheson
Offside by Adrian Cole

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Unknown said...

This book is so interesting! Most of the stories are so interesting, especially the first one, by Ray Badbury. I recommend this book to everybody, but unfortunately it will be hard to find because it's so old. Anyway, it should be read, because it's extremely interesting, and all readers will enjoy it.