Thursday, 2 September 2010


DAW paperback, February 1976. Cover art by Paul Lehr.

"Donal Graeme, Dorsai of the Dorsai, was the final link in a long genetic train, the ultimate soldier, whose breadth of vision made him a master of space war and strategy - and something even greater. He was the focus of centuries of evolution, the culmination of planned development, and through him a new force made itself felt. 
The Dorsai were renowned throughout the galaxy as the finest soldiers ever born, trained from birth to fight and win, no matter what the odds. With Donal at their head they embarked upon the final, impossibly venture: they set out to unify the splintered worlds of mankind. 
Dorsai! Is the magnificent conclusion of Gordon R. Dickson's epic vision of the future, a vision as sweeping and brilliant as Asimov's Foundation trilogy."

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