Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Ace paperback, 1971. Cover by John Schoenherr.

"When Chup's castle fell to the forces of the West, the ex-lord was reduced to beggary at its gates. Each day he faced the Black Mountains of the East to which he had sworn fealty - and where he hoped his unclaimed bride still waited. 
Behind, the west plotted to assault the Black Mountains with their new weapons from the forbidden lore of the Old Technology. Ahead, lay the three most powerful lords in all creation. One was good, one was evil, one was immortal. 
Chup knew the east could not help him unless they could profit by it. Nor could he refuse anything asked of him and still survive. If they reached him in any way, he might be both blessed and cursed. And then, one howling, windy night, came the deformed luminescence of a demon..."
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