Thursday, 9 September 2010


VGSF / Victor Gollancz Science Fiction paperback, 1987. Cover
painting by Tony Robers.

"Never had a journey been so long... 
Never had the stakes been so high... 
Mesklin was a living nightmare for any human explorer: a vast disc-shaped planet with a crushing gravity up to 700 times greater than Earth's. It was a world so cold that its oceans were liquid methane and its snows were frozen ammonia. Yet the planet held secrets of unimaginable value to mankind, mysteries which could only be unlocked with the help of the mesklinites, tiny creatures bizarrely adapted to their surroundings. But it was only at the end of their journey that the resourceful Mesklinite captain laid down his side of an extraordinary bargain."

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Mind Spirit Camera said...

That is really brilliant cover.