Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Panther paperback, 1973 reprint. Cover illustration by Chris Foss.

The dreamers of the world, rhymers of the moon and dune, are at last looking to the stars with more than romance in mind. Until recently, the only writers who regularly used the literally universal themes offered by space travel were science fiction authors and the occasional avant-garde "wild talent" such as William Burroughs. 
Now, more and more, poets are being inspired by the fresh fields of space exploration. Mind-dazzling visions of other planets, galaxies and satellites, create new frontiers - Frontiers of Going. 
This anthology includes the best space age poetry by new and established poets- 
 George Barker, Edward Lucie-Smith, Peter Redgrove, James Kirkup, John Wain, Robert Conquest, D. M. Thomas and many others..."

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