Sunday, 29 January 2012


Lancer paperback, 1967. Cover artist uncredited.

Rear-cover synopsis: 
"Food. In the year 2160, it was man's greatest problem. With the enormous increase in population and the extension of longevity, there simply wasn't enough to go around. The sea farms were the only solution - but they were in themselves a potential threat to man's future. Science and technology had advanced fantastically, of course. The real trouble was...People. Human beings had not changed. The sea farmers had good reasons for being rebellious; their work was hard and dangerous and the rewards small. And the rest of the population was rapidly becoming a total police state, but one which might revolt at any moment. Then the harvests from the sea began to drop off...And the government decided to hand the whole problem to just one man. Dr. Robert Wilde found himself as no man had ever before: with a clouded past, hated by those he was trying to help, harassed by powerful men seeking more power....Did he have any future? Did the world?"
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