Friday, 27 January 2012


Four Square SF paperback, 1965. Cover artist uncredited.

"New York contained a population of nearly a million, representing the greatest concentration of people in the United States though, of course, it did not compare with the great cities of the Confederacy, Washington (now spreading to Baltimore), and Leesburg (once Mexico City). In this New York: buildings sometimes reached more than ten stories. Balloons moved gracefully through the air. Telegraph wires joined houses and nearly everyone knew morse code. Bicycles were thick as flies. And when darkness fell, gas-lamps - lit simultaneously by telegraphic sparks - glowed at sparked on every street corner. A young man from the country, in the city for the first time, was knocked out and robbed. And thus started a chain of events that was to mean the re-writing of history, the creation of another, almost unbelievable, world - where the Confederate states had not won their independence!"
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