Thursday, 26 January 2012


NEL/Four Square paperback, Feb 1968. Cover artist uncredited.

"The Puudly was a dangerous thing, not only because it was strong and quick, but because it was intelligent. 
It reasoned and it planned and schemed. It could talk, though not as a human talks...Probably better than a human ever could. For it could not only talk words, but it could talk emotions.

It lured its victims to it by the thoughts it put in their minds; it held them entranced with dreams and visions until it slit their throats. 
It would not hunt for hunger, not the sheer madness of the kill, but because of the compelling conviction that no Puudly would be safe until Earth was wiped clean of life."


The Night Of The Puudly
Crying Jag
Instalment Plan
Condition Of Employment
Project Mastodon.
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