Thursday, 26 January 2012


Corgi SF paperback, 1965 reissue. Cover artist uncredited,
though I've been reliably informed that it's Josh Kirby (thanks: Mark).

"It was getting dark and he couldn't be sure of what he saw. He stood paralysed and numb, staring with blood-drained face at the thing that moved across the ground towards the man's body; the thing that had a shape, yet not shape, that crept like a current of shimmering jellies. 
A terrified gagging filled his throat. He tried to move, but couldn't. He didn't want to hear the hideous gurgling sound, the turbid bubbling that was like vats of boiling tallow. 
Then the man was gone from the earth. Les stared at the place where he had been, stared at the luminous mass that pulsated there. He stared at it until the man had been completely eaten... 
'Being', one of thirteen extraordinary stories of fantasy and science fiction in this collection by Richard Matheson" 


Pattern For Survival
The Test
Clothes Make The Man
Blood Son
When Day Is Dun
The Curious Child
The Funeral
The Last Day
Little Girl Lost
The Doll That Does Everything
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