Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Cover illustration by David McAllister.

"Warday takes you into a world you couldn't imagine...and gives you a chance to change the future. On October 28, 1988 at 4.20 p.m. the first nuclear war in history begins. Thirty-six minutes later it is over. America has deployed an anti-missile system, provoking a desperate Russian response: a nuclear attack over North America. Within minutes, the Americans counter-strike. The result: six million Americans are dead. Whitley Strieber, James Kunetka: two survivors of the horrifying events of Warday. But what really happened on Warday and why? Who has survived? How do the other survivors feel? Five years after the devastation, these two friends set off on a voyage of discovery to find out. Warday was merely a flicker of hell; what remains are the consequences." 
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