Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Grafton paperback, 1985. Cover painting by Bruce Pennington.

"In a very distant galaxy, far, far away, a plot is brewing as vast and elaborate as the Empire itself ... to bottle the wild pools of beer that grow only on Doon, take control of the native pretzel population and turn the plucky little orb into the lounge-bar of the universe! And only one man, the slender-shouldered Pall, can stop the galaxy-wide web of intrigue that is fermenting on the savage, sugar-swept landscape of Doon."

Grafton books, 1985. Rear cover.

"Arruckus - men call it Doon, the Dessert Planet. It is a sugar-covered wasteland entirely devoid of entrees, patrolled by a terrifying species of giant pretzel. This savage world is the setting for an apocalyptic drama. On the one side is the evil Baron Vladimir Hardchargin - ruthless, voracious, extremely fat. Opposing him: young Pall Agamemnides, the teenager who may (or may not) be the Messiah. Pall's only allies are the planet's nomadic tribes, the fiercely religious, sweatsuit-wearing Freedmenmen. These forces clash in a deadly contest over Doon's one precious resource, a substance found nowhere else in the Universe: the mind-altering liquid known as beer..."

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