Friday, 10 May 2013


Intercontinental Book Productions, hardback, 1980. Cover painting by Bob Layzell.

"The ships of the Galactic Federation's Survey and Preliminary Study Service ceaselessly range among the alien stars and unexplored planets which lie beyond the distant Perimeter. Contact with the bustling, central worlds of the Federation is difficult and infrequent as they face the dangers of the vast unknown. 
But the prosperity and growth of this great association of worlds would be impossible without new sources of supply and new avenues for expansion. Scarcely more than one in every hundred planets explored proves to be of sufficient interest to justify the implementation of a settlement programme. 
All the planets described in Dangerous Frontiers have won a place in the Federation at great cost in lives and efforts, and their existence owes much to the courage and determination of the creatures who first struggled for a foot-hold in their lonely and alien landscapes. 
Dangerous Frontiers is a study of those worlds as they are today. Some are vital to the network of trade, others have faded in importance and a few are only just emerging from obscurity. Whatever their current status in the Federation, it is to those who struggled alone in the emptiness beyond the frontiers that the honour belongs."

Painting by Angus McKie.

"One of the first sights to meet the eyes of a visitor to Monk's Field, are the impressive orbital terminals built in the mid twenty-second century."

Painting by Colin Hay.

"One of the scores of gigantic ore extraction plants constructed on Alpha Indi II to process the sea water. This plant is still operational."

Painting by Angus McKie.

"A view of Nihalan and its nearby lunar companion, Phox, showing one of the areas of intense volcanic activity which are scattered over the planet."

Painting by Chris Moore.

"The Beta Phoenicis system provides a base for the largest single industrial centre in the Federation. Transport between the twenty-seven planets and countless asteroids orbiting the sun is assisted by the vast transit stations where passengers can embark for any destination in known space."

Painting by Peter Elson.

"Passenger liners such as this Starfleet Major now ferry in pleasure seekers from all over the Federation to sample the delights of Ethsymon."

Painting by Cesare Reggiani.

"Until quite recently, the dolmens of 15 Lyncis Bee marked the sites of zyrillium treasure troves."

Painting by Roy Virgo.

"The research team's surface skimmers proved invaluable in their surveys of Eptel III."

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