Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Berkley Medallion paperback, October 1977 - sixth printing. Cover
painting by Vincent Di Fate.

Every seven years, the placid planet of Dante's Joy becomes a waking nightmare of death, deformity and madness. To escape, the populace has the choice of Sleeping - lying drugged in their tomblike houses - or taking the Chance - staying awake and going abroad while their world goes berserk. They become what their innermost longings dictate, whether it be a beast locked in the vilest bowels of depravity, or a supreme being raised to the flowering serenity of truth and light. Thousands are mutilated, killed, transformed into monstrous things. John Carmody, a conscienceless exile from Earth, arrogantly chooses to take the Chance. 
Reeling, shrieking his fear and despair, Carmody confronts the Night of Light, the unknown and unknowable..."
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