Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Corgi paperback, 1966. Cover illustration uncredited.

"A journey with a man who is given one hour in the past - A search for the lost continent of Atlantis - A fantastic hunt with a phantom dog, and the experience of the calamitous, supernatural effects of an atom bomb test...It has become axiomatic in our time that today's fiction is tomorrow's fact. These stories demonstrate the twilight zone where fantasy becomes more real than life, and, science reveals its hidden core of fantasy..." 
Doctor Hanray's Second Chance by Conrad Richter
Fallout Island by Robert Murphy
The Green Hills Of Earth by Robert A. Heinlein
Doomsday Deferred by Will F. Jenkins
Test-Tube Terror by Robert Standish
Island Of Fear by William Sambrot
Sinister Journey by Conrad Richter
The Place Of The Gods by Stephen Vincent Benét
The Phantom Setter by Robert Murphy
The Big Wheel by Fred McMorrow
The Death Dust by Frank Harvey
The Lost Continent by Geoffrey Household
The Trap by Ken Bennett
Space Secret by William Sambrot
The Unsafe Deposit Box by Gerald Kersh
The Second Trip To Mars by Ward Moore
The Voice In The Earphones by Wilbur Schramm
Moon Crazy by William Roy Shelton
The Little Terror by Will F. Jenkins
The Answer by Philip Wylie
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