Wednesday, 16 January 2013


DAW paperback, 1984. Cover artwork by Don Maitz.

"Something had seized his mind, something that rode his body like a speed-maniac would drive a stolen car - for he had committed atrocities against his friends and neighbours, he had done unspeakable things - and yet his own conscious mind had only stood aside and watched in horror. For a demonic intelligence had taken over inside his skull and left him a helpless observer. 
He was not unique. It was happening all over the world - society was breaking down in an epidemic of crimes, vicious and senseless, and it would seem as if the world had been invaded by a legion of invisible devils from some interplanetary hell. 
There had to be a solution, and when at last he found a clue, he set out to pursue it to the bitter end. Frederik Pohl's Demon In The Skull is a revision and upgrading of his A Plague Of Pythins, bringing this classic science fiction shocker into the realtime world of 1984 and after...."

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