Saturday, 3 September 2011


Belmont paperback, first printing, March 1963.
Cover artist uncredited.

"The vault was like a prison, harsh with artificial sunlight, each of the twenty computer units guarded by heavy bars. You could look up at the glittering tiers of memory banks and stimulus response units and tell yourself that the big brain was on our side. But if the unit flashed its cold light upon you...
Far down the vault a man screamed. His fists were clenched and he raged curses at the humming computers. There was agony in his eyes, and defiance. 
"I had no right to interfere (it was a problem for the security guards) but I did. I'd seen men killed or crippled for life. In six long strides, I crossed the vault..."

It Was The Day Of The Robot is an original paperback novelization of the famous short story Made To Order, published by special arrangement with the author.
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