Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Panther Science Fiction paperback, 1977 reprint.
Cover illustration by Peter Jones.

"The biggest advertising sign in the solar system...Dinosaurs of the mesozoic era - armed with guns...The fall of a future Atlantis - these and many more mind-spinning delights await the reader within this latest collection of Isaac Asimov's shorter science fiction.

Never before collected into book form, the stories in Buy Jupiter span twenty-three years of Dr Asimov's writing career. Each brilliant tale comes complete with fascinating details of the circumstances in which the author wrote it. The result is an unsurpassed combination of first-rate entertainment and an intriguing look at the development of the twentieth century's greatest master of science fiction."


Darwinian Pool Room
Day Of The Hunters
Shah Guido G.
Button, Button
The Monkey's Finger
The Pause
Let's Not
Each An Explorer
Does A Bee Care?
Silly Asses
Buy Jupiter
A Statue For Father
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Founding Father
Exile To Hell
Key Item
The Proper Study
2430 A.D.
The Greatest Asset
Take A Match
Thiotimoline To The Stars
Light Verse
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