Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Macmillan hardback, 1981. Cover painting by Richard M. Powers.

"The stories in World's Spring cover the entire spectrum of science fiction, from apocalyptic visions of a future dominated by an all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-intrusive computer, to a mocking view of a fully ordered society knocked haywire by fallible humans. We meet people inhabiting an Earth we cannot recognize, and aliens on distant planets who are not unlike ourselves. These twenty-one stories are a fine blend of fantasy and allegory. Introductions and commentary are by Vladimir Gakov."

Contains The Surf Of Mars by Dmitri Bilenkin, The Port Of Rock Storms by Genrikh Altov, World's Spring by Victor Kolupaev, Nine Minutes by Genrikh AltovThe World In Which I Vanished by Anatoly Dneprov, The Sun Sets In Donomag by Ilya Varshavsky, Testing Grounds by Sever Ganovsky, The Ultimate Threshold by German Maksimov, City And Wolf by Dmitri Bilenkin, An Ugly Bioform by Kirill Bulychev, The Very Biggest House by Victor KolupaevAppendix by Andrei Balabukha, The Great Actor Jones by Gennady Gor, The Stanislavsky Method by Alexander Gorbovsky, Life Space by Marietta ChudakovaDay Of Wrath by Sever Ganovsky, Once At Night by Dmitiri Bilenkin, The Choice by Kirill Bulychev, An Old Robot's Two Times Two by Vladimir Grigorev and Coincidence by Alexander Gorbovsky.  
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