Wednesday, 16 June 2010


The Best Of Omni Science Fiction No. 5, 1983. Painting by James Christensen.

"This colorfully illustrated volume - a book in magazine format - includes reprints from Omni magazine, reprints of sf classics, and never-before-published stories. In these pages, there is plenty of riveting suspense, occasional straight humor, some satire, and much food for thought. Included in the latter are timely speculations about the environment and about the consequences of a big war. Science fiction may not be everything to everybody, but this volume stands witness to the fact that if you like a good yarn told in a lively style and if you are generally curious and concerned, you can be certain that you have spent your money wisely and well. Its predecessors, the four earlier volumes in this series, were bought by about one million people."

Contains Rautavaara's Case by Philip K. Dick, a tribute to Philip K. Dick by Michael Kurland, Only You Fanzy by Sherwood Springer, Lesson One by James Randi, a Pictorial on the artist Rudolf Hausner, The Hunting Of Hewlish by Sam Nicholson, New Is Beautiful by Tony Holkham, a Robert Silverberg celebration including Basileus, The Soul Painter And The Shapeshifter, The Palace At Midnight and an appreciation written by Harlan Ellison, Helen O'loy by Lester Del Rey, a pictorial of Chesley Bonestell's paintings, Down There by Damon Knight, The Touch by Gregory Benford, The Lost Secret by Laurence M. Janifer, There Were People On Bikini There Were People On Attu by William Tenn, Village Of The Chosen by Alan Dean Foster, Malthus's Day by Jayge Carr, a pictorial on Gervasio Gallardo, Body Ball by John Keefauver, Prime Time by Norman Spinrad, In The Hereafter Hilton by Bob Shaw, Whether Pigs Have Wings by Nancy Kress and a pictorial on Ernst Fuchs.

Painting by Herbert Kretschmar that accompanied Rautavaara's Case
by Philip K. Dick.

Painting by Rudolf Hausner, from a pictorial of his work.

Painting by Robert Giusti that accompanied Alan Dean Foster's Village Of The Chosen.

Painting by Gervaisio Gallardo, from a pictorial of his work.
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