Sunday, 28 May 2017


"...suddenly in a bookshop in the pages of an English magazine I found splashed in a thousand colours what I had believed impossible to depict. These spaceships that pleased and moved me were Chris Foss'. I covered the studio walls where I was preparing the film with his works. All masterpieces. I hired various sleuths to track him down. You see, in those heady days I had power! I had a multi-million dollar commitment behind me: a commitment that remained unfulfilled. I had it in my power to call upon the best brains of our generation to collaborate on a project that was to give a messiah to the world. Not a human being, but a film. A film that would be out master. Dune had made me its apostle; but I needed others, and one of these was Chris Foss."

-Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Spice Container.

Pirate ship spilling Spice.

Guild Merchant ship.

The Emperor's Palace.

Spacing Guild tug (for pulling Spice Containers).

Duke Leto's Car.
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