Friday, 21 September 2012


Sphere paperback, 1984.

Its surface is barren.
Its true strength hidden.
Its foreboding desert conceals the power to fold space, to slow time, to send the mind where the body cannot go.
It is the source of the ultimate power.
It is the deadly battleground where a young leader will emerge to command an army of six million warriors against the tyrannical force that threatens to enslave the universe.
It is the clash for the greatest prize of all...
The planet called Dune.

The third-stage Guild Navigator.

Who had this book as a child? I did. I don't recall ever reading it but essentially the text is adapted from David Lynch's screenplay - it's nothing special, really, and is obviously targeted at children (which I always found odd as here in the UK the film had a 15 certificate) but it does have some nice production photographs and stills to illustrate the story. Strangely, Joan D. Vinge is credited as writing it, so I can only surmise that she was strapped for cash in the 1980s.

The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

The Beast Rabban.

Alia Atreides.


School Master said...
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School Master said...

I had it. I got it via Scholastic book order (Remember those?) and it vanished about a year later. I suspect it was spirited away by my notoriously anti-fun parents. My Dad thought my love of scifi and fantasy would warp my ability to distinguish fact from reality while my mother, who came from a family of rabid Bible-beaters, insisted it would lead me to Satan.