Thursday, 7 July 2011


NEL paperback, June 1978. Illustration by Joe Petagno.

"French science fiction has a distinguished and impressive a history as our own, dating back to the seventeenth century and beyond. Here is an anthology of some of its best short stories, edited and introduced by Maxim Jakubowski, who is himself an acknowledged master of the art. There is Delta, a love story set on a planet where there are three sexes ; The Gunboat Dread, a grotesque piece of science fantasy ; How's Business?, the story of an interplanetary soap company ; and others, all masterpieces in their own right."


The Gunboat Dread by Daniel Walther
Where The Astronauts Meet by Suzanne Malaval
How's Business? by Jacques Sternberg
Jonah by Gérard Klein
Until Proof To The Contrary by Bernard Mathon
Towards The High Tower by Michel Jeury
It's Only Pinball! by Philippe Curval
Summer In The Death Zone by Maxim Jakubowski
Thomas by Dominique Douay
Delta by Christine Renard and Claude F. Cheinisse
The Bubbles by Julia Verlanger
Stars, Here I Come! by Jean-Pierre Andrevon
The Leap by Tony Cartano
Wings In The Night by Nathalie Henneberg
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